27 Piles of Shaving Cream: One-Mile Radius
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13 January 2016
By Lee Walton
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For 27 Piles of Shaving Cream: One Mile Radius (2012), I drew a perfect circle on a map, within a radius of 2-miles, making my home in Greensboro at the absolute center. I then made 27 equal-distant points on the perimeter of the circle. I then went to each of these points in Greensboro, and filmed myself discharging the entire contents of a single can of shaving cream.


This action played homage to the spray paint instructional pieces done by conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, while referencing system-based strategies of experimental cartography found in a variety of art practices, specifically the Situationists International. Through this process, I was made to explore surrounding geography that I may not have otherwise sought out, and learn more about the place I live.

Tags: Projects, ideo
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