Early Social Media Projects
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28 February 2016
By Lee Walton
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Since 2001, I have been exploring the possibilities of the web to shape experience and create meaningful interaction. For example, Red Ball: San Francisco was an online participatory project in which I facilitated the placement of a Red Ball in a specified location in the city of San Francisco. The final location, the very tip of home plate of the San Francisco Giants stadium, was determined by an on-line public and multiple rounds of voting.

In 2003 I created One Shot A Day, In which I played an entire round of golf by taking only one shot a day. Each shot was documented by a video and shared daily for a web audience. This early experiment in what we now call "vlogging" took over 5-months to complete. Pure torture!

In 2005, I created a Free Throw Competition with Shaquille O'Neal.

"Some of Walton’s work is among the strongest internet-derived artmaking I’ve come across." Renny Pritikin, Chief Curator (Contemporary Jewish Museum) and Writer (SFMOMA Open Space).


SFMOMA Open Space

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