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15 May 2016
By Lee Walton
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For Fastball, I created a situation that allowed gallery visitors to experience the power, force, velocity and violence of a Major League fastball.

This project brings attention to the challenges players face when standing in the batter’s box, an aspect of the game often forgotten as remote spectators sit in the comfort of our domestic spaces. This participatory sculpture work invited visitors to drop baseballs into the machine – thus becoming willfully complicit in simultaneously creating the spectacle and destroying the gallery wall. 

Part of the CEPA's exhibition: Art of Sport, Curated by Craig Smith

Participating artists included Catherine Opie (US), Paul Pfeiffer (US), Daria Martin (UK), John Baldessari (US), Anne Hardy (UK), Hans van der Meer (NL), Matthew Bakkom (US), Vesna Pavlovic (Serbis/US), Mitch Miller (US), Craig Smith (US), Bradley Beesley (US), and Harold Edgerton (US).



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