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27 February 2014
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GO ASK MARSHA (How to Unlock This Piece), 2010


Upon viewing this work on paper at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, visitors were instructed to "GO ASK MARSHA HOW TO UNLOCK THIS PEICE". When engaged, Marsha Thompson, a longtime security guard at museum, would walk visitors to a window. Outside the window was a light green bicycle and helmet. Marsh would hand the visitor a small card with the combination to unlock the bicycle. She would encourage Museum visitors to go for a ride and use the bicycle as much as they wanted. 


As a satellite component to the project, a custom cup sleeve was distributed at a nearby coffee shop. Besides the combination, no other information was given. Unsuspecting customers at the coffee shop needed to visit the Weatherspoon and "GO ASK MARSHA". A video piece was also created and shared via social media. 


Marsha Thompson passed away in 2013. She was my friend and always made my daughter feel good about herself when we would visit. Experiencing the Weatherspoon was never complete without saying hello to Marsha. Here is a really beautiful article about Marsha.


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