Life/Theater Projects
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01 January 2014
By Lee Walton
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Life/Theater events are orchestrated public performances involving actors. Mixing real life and theater, actors seamlessly blur themselves with real people in public space. Audiences attempt to decipher the actors from real life. Actors reveal themselves through various ways, such a repetition or printed media.


I have orchestrated and directed multiple Life/Theater projects for a variety of contexts and locations. Over 200 actors and hundreds of viewers have participated in these events.


Life/Theater Projects have been commissioned by the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati (2014) SECCA, Winston Salem, NC (2009) The Powerplant Gallery, Toronto (2008) ICA Boston, MA (2008) UBS Building, NY (2007) Southern Exposure, SF (2006) Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland (2006) Art in General (2005) Psy‐Geo Conflux, NY (2005).

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