Listening To The C
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15 February 2018
By Lee Walton and Laurent Estoppey
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Listening to the "C"


Playing only C notes in four simple structures, Laurent Estoppey and I coordinated with 44 people to play pianos in private homes. Listening to the “C” is an installation composed specifically for this Living Room at SECCA and uses only of these C notes. The variation of tunings and unique timbre of each piano reveal a range of what is considered to be “C” metaphorically celebrating the beauty of our differences.


Listening to the “C” directly references Terry Riley’s iconic composition “In C”, microtonal music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, conceptual systems of Sol Lewitt, serial forms and repetition, indeterminacy of John Cage, voyeuristic performances of Sophie Calle, the social experiments of Fluxus, and the sound/video compositions of Christian Marclay.


Listening to the C

Laurent Estoppey (Switzerland / North Carolina) is a multimedia artist and composer whom plays the saxophone and electronics for orchestra, chamber, improvisation, stage, installation and video. He is the artistic director of pluri-disciplinary collective Collapss and Swiss ensemBle baBel. Estoppey regularly collaborates with artists Christian Marclay and Martin Creed and was nominated in 2017 for the Herb Alpert Music Award.


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