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07 January 2016
By Lee Walton
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Lee Walton's Search for The Most Average Bowlers (2009)

A public bowling tournament organized with FACE TO FACE of Greensboro, NC


Over 100 people participated in this competitive bowling tournament. Players were placed into groups of four by chance, with the goal of shooting the most average score.


The objective was simple, however no team could predict what the most average score would be. Therefore, determining a strategy was difficult (and slightly pointless). Also, the entire value system of each roll was useless. A strike was nothing to get excited about - unless you could follow it with a gutter ball.


The most average bowlers were declared and trophies were given. The celebration was then followed by an short presentation by Lee Walton that ranged socially engaged art practice, John Cage, Geroge Perec, play and revolution.


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