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20 December 2016
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Music For Gas Stations

For Music For Gas Station, I toured with ensemBle baBel, an experimental group from Switzerland. As the video artist, I created a series of live Periscope feeds to connect the performances to global audiences in real time. 


For the project, we embarked on a drifting road trip in one van to visit gas stations. Responding and interacting with each gas station, we created compositions, recordings, video works, road journals, radio broadcasts and more.


This project was in reference to Ed Ruscha’s 26 gasoline stations, two ten-day tours to visit 26 gas stations.  USA (2016) and Europe (2017) and one show in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2018.


EnsemBle baBel: Music For Gas Stations 2016 C’était un rendez-vous 1976

Before the Green Flag. Comments by Melvin Henthorn, NASCAR Fan

Station n°4 Rushville / Indiana

ensemBle baBel for Christian Marclay; The Bell and The Glass live 2015 (excerpt)

ensemBle baBel: Usine

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Lee Walton - Thanks Sara! Yes, we had a blast traveling around doing things and making sounds. hope you are enjoying the class!
Sara Verdugo - I thought this was interesting and a good idea. What better way to meet new people and observe different cultures and ways than visiting the many rest stops of the roads...very cool