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13 May 2019
By Lee Walton
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Remote Instructions was new media project Commissioned by  Rhizome at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY.

From my home, I collaborated with strangers via the web to direct a series of video performances. Over the course of one year, I collaborated with over 20 different people in multiple countries. The performances took place in cities, neighborhoods, villages and towns around the world.

This project explored the effects (and power) of media in relationship to communication, geography and social collaboration.




Import / Export

Oregon, USA Filmed by John Larsen

Watching TV With Neighbors

Sydney, Australia Filmed and Performed by Kat Barron and Neighbors

Getting Dragged

Performed by Indrajit Mitra

Making Changes: Paris

Paris, France Filmed by Julia Dossi

Bouncing Around The City

Tokyo, Japan Filmed and Performed by Darin Bendall

Getting Squeezed

Kansas, USA Filmed and Performed by Larinda Meinburg

Time To Turn The Page

Ljubljana, Slovakia Filmed by Sonja Hinrichsen

Hang In There

Serbia Filmed and Performed by Christopher Robbins and Friends

Restructuring The City

Hamburg, Germany Filmed and Performed Janos Erdmann

Searching For Higher Ground

Bangalore, India Filmed and Performed by Minam Adang and Nivedita Magar

Background Check

Panama Filmed by Howard Hill

Facing Your Fears

Buenos Aires Filmed and Performed by Ignacio de Andres

Getting A Leg Up

Washington, USA Filmed by Douglas Gast and Amy Schalla. Performed by Peter Mikkelsen.

The Go Between

Istanbul, Turkey Filmed and Directed by Bahar Cezzaroglu. Performed by Seher Cezzaroglu.

Giving People The Run Around

Helsinki, Finland Filmed and Performed by 80Juan80 aka Juan Kasari

Lets Push Things Forward

Baltimore, Maryland Filmed and Performed by Matthew Keeney and friends

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