Rite of Spring Garden
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18 August 2019
By Lee Walton
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Rite of Spring Garden

In Conjunction with the Weatherspoon Art Museum and the UNCG School of Art Faculty Biennial

In this weekly performance, a tricked-out van with a high-end, professionally installed audio sound system cruises up and down Spring Garden Street emanating remixed variations Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

Spring Garden is a public street that dissects the heart of UNCG's campus. This sound work passes through every Thursday precisely from 11:45-Noon - a time that hundreds of students are moving through campus to get from one class to another.


About the collaborators: 

Laurent Estoppey (Switzerland / North Carolina) is a multimedia artist and composer who plays the saxophone and electronics for orchestra, chamber, improvisation, stage, installation and video. He is the artistic director of pluri-disciplinary collective Collapss and Swiss ensemBle baBel. Estoppey regularly collaborates with artists Christian Marclay and Martin Creed and was nominated in 2017 for the Herb Alpert Music Award.

Dominic Andujar is a professional sound engineer and audio technician with Active Sound in Greensboro, NC. He is also a Nursing and Business Marketing student at UNCG.


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