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09 September 2016
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Rob’s Car is for Sale, 2016

Greensboro Project Space (GPS), Greensboro, NC



During the summer of 2015, I dedicated my creative efforts towards the production of the Greensboro Project Space, a public space off campus in downtown

Greensboro and program extension of the School of Art and College of Visual and Performing Arts.


This endeavor, in collaboration with current Director, Adam Carlin, Associate Dean Lawrence Jenkens, and UNCG faculty, was also an important extension of my own personal research, particularly in relation to Social Practice. Together, we articulated the Mission of the GPS, developed a unique program strategy, coordinated internships, developed marketing, created a website, raised funds, and more. Today, the GPS brings UNCG and the community together to learn, create public dialogue, and celebrate community.


During the beginning stages of the GPS, I developed a project in effort to bring attention to the space. I created the exhibition Rob Sells His Car. For this artwork, I turned the GPS into a used car dealership for a single car. The entire project was aimed to help a local member of our community sell his 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R.


I created a very professional and comprehensive Car Review Video. In line with my research, this project pointed to a genre of car guru and specialists, often sponsored, found on YouTube whom create highly produced, detailed reviews of new vehicles hitting the market by specialists whom are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about cars.


My video is ironic because I am reviewing an old, barely running 1993 Nissan Sentra. Additionally, my knowledge about cars is extremely limited, essentially ignorant. However, my quick research and honest assessment of Rob’s car is earnest and genuine. The video production was at a very high level, edited by a professional video designer, thus creating a sense that I knew what I was talking about and speaking from a platform of authority.  Importantly, the review of the car was accurate and honest with no motivation to sell the car for more than its true value.


This video, along with Rob’s car, were displayed at the GPS. Within 2 weeks, Rob’s car was sold to a member of the community. 



1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R


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