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15 May 2016
By Lee Walton
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Wappenings (Web / Happenings) are a series of web projects that challenge the peer‐to‐peer networked public to complete a particular task or challenge.


Without notice, I announce a real life situation on my personal website and social media. These postings time sensitive and act like “Breaking News”. On-line community’s must quickly organize via social media and act fast!


Examples include challenging the public to set free a man locked to a park bench in SF while the combination was known only to a woman wearing a red scarf sitting in a particular cafe in Brooklyn; A man standing in the 20 degree cold unable to put his jacket on until he received an orange; A young woman tripping down the steps of the NYC public library, an endless walk and more.





Indirect Collaboration
Networks: The Evolving Aspects of Culture in the 21st Century

Wappening 3#

Wappening 6

Wappening 4

Other projects carried out, or rather coordinated, by Lee Walton are
the Wappenings.15 Only the theoretical process in itself deserves an analysis in
depth. As we know happenings are events of character
performative, emerged in the 1950s, which were produced in an improvised way
in any kind of place and that somehow they wanted to involve
viewers in its development. An art form that sought surprise and
interaction. In these artistic events, an appointment with
the viewer. As Nicolas Bourriaud explains ‘the work provokes meetings and
he gives appointments, he manages his own temporality. ’ To better explain this type of
artistic activity cites examples from the past such as Marcel Duchamp's “that
invented the Art Quotes, arbitrarily determining that at a certain time
of the day, the first object that he had within his reach would be transformed into a readymade.
Others called on the public to verify a specific phenomenon, such as
Robert Barry announcing that ‘sometime in the course of the morning
from March 5, 1969, half a cubic meter of helium will be released into the atmosphere. ’
Thus, the viewer was invited to move to verify a fact that only exists.
as a work of art thanks to this observation ”(Bourriaud, 2006: 32-33). The same
happens with the Walton Wappenings, the difference is that the appointment with the
viewer occurs through the Internet, through the Web, hence the neologism

from Networks: The Evolving Aspects
of Culture in the 21st Century

Edited by
Biserka Cvjetičani

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