When I Get There
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07 August 2015
By Lee Walton
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When I Get There, Washington State University, Tri-Cities (2007)
A collaboration with the Digital Technology and Culture Club, Professor Douglas Gast

For this solo-exhibition, I decided to co-create all the work on-site and during the 24 hours prior to the opening of the exhibition.


To do this, I asked the students of WSU to select a secret object for me. When I arrived at the exhibition space the day before the show, the object was presented to me for the very first time. Immediately, we began working together to create all of the work for the exhibition.



THE OBJECT:To my surprise, I was given 279 yards of multi-color yarn.

Various Objects Almost Chosen

Pulling Strings To Make Things Happen

The Over Under: Pretending to go under or over an invisible string.

Students Standing 289 Yards (the length of the string) from the center of the gallery.

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