I once accidentally showed up to Bluegrass Meetup. It's a long story. Wondering about this social form... Meetup Mashups and things like that?

  • How Kevin Durant's Warriors Move Affects the NBA?

    Free Agency seems to be something on my mind lately...

  • Malcom Gladwell on Income Inequality

    Great talk here. Malcom's story touches on labor unions, Bobby and Barry Bonds, free agency, George Lucas and more.


    Looking into car review videos for potential projects. Why have I not seen these before? There is something to them!

  • Bill Simmons

    Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons: Mark Cuban and Malcolm Gladwell on NBA ownership. Really insightful. Digging this show.

  • Malcolm Gladwell on the Civil-Rights Movement

    Found this gem the other day. Lately, I have been scouring through all the Gladwell talks. He's a great storyteller...

  • Sony HDR CX240 Review

    I got one!

  • Seth Godin--Linchpin

    Seth's take on the artist is spot on. Check it out at the 9:30 mark...


    I have been recently fascinated with car review videos.

  • George Perec: Species of Space

    I am always looking for video content on the writer George Perec. This one was too painful to watch... If you find any good ones, please share...

  • Michael Jackson: The White Glove

    Tom Finkerpearl in conversation with Evan Roth brought me to this video. From the book, WHAT WE MADE.

  • TechTalk: AudioFlood

    Product Review: Swimming is great but without a distraction, I start stressing about things I need to do and become anxious. This may help!

  • HIGH NOON by Tex Ritter

    Live version from THE DICK CAVETT SHOW. August 11, 1970.

  • Joyce Raskin's guitar lessons for girls

    Joyce knows her audience. Smarty!

  • A Psychogeographic Walk: Castlefield in Manchester

  • Pedagogy Of The Oppressed Ch 2 Part1

  • 60 Explosions

  • A Reading of the Futurist Manifesto