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11 May 2020
By Art 345
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IMPORTANT: For this course we are not using Canvas. We will be using this site.

This course is unique. You work at your own pace and complete levels. Pass all the levels... PASS THE CLASS!


First Step:

  • Download the syllabus by clicking the button below. Take a look. Read it so you understand how this course is works. 


Second Step:

  • Comment on this webpage and briefly introduce yourself. This will also let me know you are on board and ready to go!


Third Step:

  • Find this course: Essential Training by Jen Simmons

  • This course will require that you get a FREE one-month trail subscription to Linkedin. You can cancel this before the first payment.


Fourth Step:





Much like chapters in a course textbook, students will review specific chapters from Essential Training by Jen Simmons

Students can work on their own schedule and anytime. In response, students will complete a series of “levels”. I will create and assign these levels. Each level is a new assignment that employs the new techniques being introduced. Each level will be an opportunity to build off the techniques and concepts introduced in class and also employ creative problem solving and innovative solutions to art and design issues.

There will also be times where you are asked to participate by responding to a question, providing resources and feedback to other students in the course.

A final web project will be created to conclude the course.

Important: Although this course is on-line, it will still require an average of 6+ hours per week to comprehend and successfully grasp, learn the material. Keep in mind, learning HTML is essentially learning a new language. It will require hard work, patience and practice!


let me know if you have any questions,





My name is Lee.  I was born and raised in California. San Francisco Bay Area to be more specific! I've been teaching at UNCG since 2007.  You can often find me in the art building, Whole Foods, various coffee shops, or on the internet.

I'm looking forward to this Winter course with you!



Leave a comment:
Sarah Chen - Hello my name is Sarah. I'm a second year senior and a BFA photography major. I would love to be able to get my work out there so people can contact me for work.
Angela Huie - Hi! My name is Angela and I am a super senior so this is my fifth year of school (third at UNCG). I one day would like to teach high school. I plan to get my masters in education after graduation.
Jasmine Starnes - Hey, I'm Jaz. I'm from Winston. This was my second year at UNCG as a transfer student and I'll be graduating in December. I'm mainly an illustrator.
Olivia Coward - Hi everyone, I’m Olivia Coward. I’m a senior here at UNCG and I graduate this summer! I currently live in Raleigh but I use to live in Greensboro. I am a Studio Arts Major and it’s my dream to become a Textiles Designer/Illustrator. I’m also really fascinated with social behaviors and sociology studies, which is also my minor. Fun fact about me is I have a 1 yr old daughter . I decided to take this I’m excited to learn more about web design.
Kiira Walker - Kiira Walker - Hello everybody I'm Kiira Walker, I am a BFA New Media and Design Student with a minor in African- American, and African Diaspora Studies. I am a foodie, who also likes many different cultures and photography
Kellie Smith - Hi, I'm Kellie and I'm hoping to go into something along the lines of Graphic Art, but I'm still kind of unsure. I love drawing dragons and watching YouTube videos!
Jamie B. - Hello! I am Jamie B. I am a BFA New Media and Design student. I enjoy making 3D Models, studying plants and animals, and I am glad to be taking ART 345 this summer.

Cannot wait to see what we all create at the end of this semester.
Riley Duggins - Hi there! My name is Morgan on Canvas, but y'all can call me Riley. I a web based artist and I hope that this course will help combine my creativity, with online utility. I have no experience with html, so this will definitely be a challenge to overcome. I'm a New Media and Design BFA (though I was nearly a ceramics and sculpture major) and I love designing characters and spaces for their world. You can find me on basically an social media platform by the username frogwires.
Lee St.Clair - Hi there, my name is Shannon St.Clair but you can call me Lee. I'm a new media and design BFA
student with a couple semesters to go. I play guitar and and generally act like a kid most of the time, except I do my own laundry and wash my own dishes.
Will Ricks - Hey I'm Will, I make oil paintings for commissions, I'm good at portraits. Recently I also started to weld steel art for fun. If you want to see some of my work its all on ig: @lil.hillbilly
alyssa sansoucy - Hey! I'm Alyssa, I'm taking web design for my prereq. for my fine arts major! I'm concentrating in New media and design and I hope to go into graphic design and marketing when I graduate. I have a goldendoodle named Pumpkin and she is the sweetest girl! I'm excited for this class because I used to play with HTML on tumblr in middle school!
Jessica Zhong - Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm a studio art major. Nice to meet all of you.
Sarahi Lopez - Hey y'all my name is Sarahi (Sarah-e) I'm an upcoming senior. I'm originally from Asheville, NC and slowly starting to like Greensboro. I'm a BA student with an Art Admin minor. Looking forward to taking this class.
Willow Love - Hi, I'm Willow and I use They/Them pronouns! I live in Raleigh currently but have moved all around North Carolina my whole life, (top three are currently Greensboro, Asheville, and Raleigh). I really love illustration, photography, music (my Spotify library is a little insane right now), and comics. I'm excited to learn more about web design and look forward to this course!
Matthew Barham - Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Barham. I was born in Virginia and raised in Greensboro. I just finished my fourth year at UNCG (I have one more) as a major in marketing and a new media and design minor! I work at a t-shirt printing shop and enjoy giving time at my church. My hobbies are cars, photography, music, and video games. I am excited to learn web design and be able to add this to my skill set!
Valery Morales-Pasten - Hello! My name is Valery, majoring in Studio Art with NMD concentration. I have a background in animation and digital effects, I love everything from creating rigs to modeling to painting. I am excited about this course.
Jasmin Ochoa-Benitez - Hi everyone! My name is Jasmin and this is my 3rd semester here at UNCG. I transferred from a community college in Durham. I'm in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and I was thinking of either working as a curator after college then one day make my own tv show focusing on expanding the human mind within the world around us. Thank you for having me!
Amaryllis Keo - Hi, my name is Amaryllis and I'm a senior majoring in New Media and Design. I'm excited to learn more about HTML/web design because it looks very interesting! I took a similar web design course when I was an Information Systems major.
Alyssa Sansoucy - Hey! I'm excited to take my first summer class and re-introduce myself to coding! I'm a fine arts major and I want to go into graphic design and marketing when I'm older!
Ryan Lee - Hi, My name is Ryan! I was born and raised right here in North Carolina and am currently going for my bachelor of fine arts with a concentration in new media and design. I also have side hobbies with making music, sculpting, and powerlifting.
Jessica Katzen - Hi, I'm Jessica. I moved to Greensboro from Pennsylvania but have moved around my whole life. For 4 years I lived in Wassenaar, The Netherlands and absolutely loved it. Living there and experiencing the culture was something I value a lot. I'm a new media and design major. I love photography, design, food, music, and traveling. I look forward to this course and learning more about web design!
Stuart Belcher - Hello Im Stuart,
I enjoying movies and drinking and graphic design
Devin Sweazey - Hey there I'm Devin, Im majoring in new media and design. I'm mostly a digital illustrator but I enjoy working in a lot of different mediums. I am hyped to get into the course I've always had an interest in web design.
Katlyn Isley - Hey everybody I am Katlyn Isley and I am a BFA student graduating in New media/ Design in December. I am excited to learn more about web design because I am super interested in it!
Paola Rivera - Hi everyone! :)
I'm Paola Rivera! I was born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and I moved to North Carolina in 2013. I'm a junior at UNCG and I'm majoring in art with a concentration in New Media and Design. I love animation, illustration, and pretty much anything related to art. My favorite medium to work with is watercolor. I recently gained an interest in doing web design as well! I'm looking forward to learning more about it. Best of luck to everyone! :3
Maria Grissino - Hello, my name is Maria. I'm an art major focusing in studio art. I'm getting ready to graduate this winter. After six years in school, "better late than never," could be my slogan. I'm excited to learn about web design this semester!
Adam Perez - Hey, My name is Adam, I'm a BFA Major in the Photography concentration. Most recently my work has revolved around medium format film combined with Alt Processes. I'm excited to do this course, and learn some skills for my own website in the future.
Emily Ashburn - Hey everyone, my name is Emily. I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in New Media and Design + Mathematics. A fun fact about me is that I own a cat with only one eye! (His name is Tom)
India Gutierrez - Hey, my name is India and I'm majoring in Women and Gender Studies and minoring in New Media and Design. I spend most of my time with my friends and I love it. Can't wait to make some websites
Tamara Swift - Hey there! I'm Tamara and I am currently seeking my MLIS degree (Master's of Library and Information Studies). I am originally from Raleigh, NC but currently reside in Burlington, NC. Have a background in Textile Products Design and I am obtaining my MLIS to change careers :). Currently in Insurance....long story there. I have taken several art classes in my undergraduate studies and if you could minor while in grad school, I would get an Art minor. I have a strong interest in Photography and Graphic Design. Photo wise I focus on both digital and film. Enjoy developing black and white photos the old way. Looking to developing the skills to generate websites on the side and in library programming. When not in the library or at work, you can find me at the bookstore or a coffee shop....or traveling with my camera.
Irvin Maldonado - Hey guys! I'm Irvin, BFA major with a concentration in Photo. I like to work with 35mm, polaroids, alt processes, digital photo, and want to get into video. I hope this course can help me with my own website, for career purposes.
Victoria Landers - Hello hello. My name is Victoria and I am a rising senior with a BFA major with a concentration in photography. In my spare time I love to plant and garden. I am looking forward to this course and being able to use the tools and skills I learn from it to help better pursue my career.
Eric Morris - Hello, my name is Eric, I am a Studio Art/Design major. I was born and raised in Greensboro. I am finishing out my final semester at UNCG. I look forward to taking this course!
Kelli Smith - Hello, My name is Kelli Smith. I am majoring in Art just getting my BA. This is one of my last two classes I am taking at UNCG. I will be graduating this August which I'm very excited about. Also I am taking this class because I thought it would be interesting. I am very excited about taking this course.
Kimberly Monroy - Hello, my name is Kimberly Monroy and I am a rising junior at UNCG. My major is BFA Painting Concentration, and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I love drawing and painting, but in my spare time I enjoy cooking. I really look forward to taking this class!
John Svendsgaard - Hello, my name is Jack, I am currently a BA student at UNCG. This is my third semester at UNCG, and I am hoping to get into the BFA (specifically new media and design) program by the end of this year. I enjoy socializing with people, playing video games, binge watching shows, and creating art. I look forward to starting this course :)
Zhixin Zhou - Hi, my name is Dante, and I am a senior student at UNCG. I am from China, and I have been here for four years. My major is Studio arts.
I am looking forward to taking this class!
Kayla Timpson - Hello! My name is Kayla and I am currently a rising Junior at UNCG. I am a New Media and Design Major with a minor in Information Technology. I was born and raised here in NC, more specifically in Fayetteville. My hobbies include karaoke, going to Micheals/Target, and playing video games. I am looking forward to starting this course!
Lareine G - Hello! My name is Lareine, I am currently a sophmore at UNCG and majoring in studio art. I am a little concerned with how I am gonna do in this class but I'm definitely eager to learn! I am also probably going to be confused for a good portion of this class, so be prepared for my constant questions! (\( > v < )/)
Charlotte Bristol - Charlotte - Hi everybody, my name is Charlotte, I'm a junior at UNCG majoring in New Media Design
Brandi - Hi everyone, my name is Brandi and I am a senior here at UNCG and majoring in studio art. I am originally from Columbia , SC but I've been living in Charlotte for the past 8 years. In my spare time I like to read and do yoga.
April Honbarger - Hi my name is April Honbarger. This fall will begin my senior year at UNCG. I am a new media and design major. I intern at Sawtooth School of Art in the letterpress and printmaking studio.
J'Waye - Hi, My name is J'Waye but you call me Jay for short. I'm currently a Junior/Senior double majoring in New Media and Design and Communications. Stoked to start this course !
Dimitri Dorosevici - Hello everyone, Dima here. This is SUPER late but, I am a senior and majoring in New Media and Design. Nice to meet everyone.
Connor Klemmer - Hi my name is Connor and I am a graduating senior. I am starting this course a few days late but I am looking forward to getting started with the course material!
Chelsea Lancaster - Hi, my name is Chelsea. I'm a Junior at UNCG majoring in New Media and Design. I enjoy watching movies and shopping.
Joseph Morgan - Hello, this is Joey. I am a New Media and Design Major in my Junior year.
Sierra Maynor - Sierra Maynor- My name is sierra Maynor I love drawing and learning how to use computers in order to enhance one's art work. So learning how to create a website should be fun.
Jasmine Sprague - My name is Jasmine Sprague and I don't know what I'm classified as. This is my fifth year, but I don't think I'll graduate til next year. I'm a New Media and Design major. The three most important things in my life are my faith, heritage, and art. I'm excited to learn about web design and broaden my skills in this field!
Kassidy Jones - Hey! I'm Kassidy, and I'm a junior majoring in art education. Eventually, I'd like to teach in an elementary school. Coding has always been something of interest, but I've never really tried to learn it...only ever googled the things I was trying to do haha. Very excited to be in this class.
Kayla Bullock - Hi everybody, I’m Kayla Bullock, I am a New Media and Design major and a Senior. I’m from Charlotte, NC and I am excited to learn new things in the course! You can most likely find me working at Sephora.
Jazzmin Casterlow - My name is Jazzmin Casterlow and Im a senior and I like animation and Graphic Design. I plan to learn alot from this class
Lea Bostwick - Lea Bostwick - Winter Course 2018/2019: Hello! I am originally from Orlando, FL. I've changed my major about eight times now, but finally settled on New Media & Designs. I would love to be a tattoo artist one day, but whatever pays rent and the bills I won't complain about. You've probably have seen me working at a coffee shop around town, I am the one with the cool hats.
Darius Shaw - Hi! My name is Darius Shaw. I'm an information systems major with a new media design minor. I've taken one course pertaining to web design in my college career thus far but I'm always eager to learn more. My passion is graphic design but I want to hone my skills and pair it with webdesign.
Fred Bednarski - Hi All, I'm Fred. I am originally from Poland, recently from UK and now from NC. I am a New Media and Design major, transfer from App State.

Outside of graphic design and illustration I dabble in programming, but I never learnt the basics of html (started with WYSIWYG editors and then moved to using ready made platforms like wordpress), so I am looking forward to building a website from scratch.

Currently you will most likely find me on twitter @FredBednarski
Paula Perez-Pulido - Hi all! I'm Paula, but I like to go as P.A (it stands for PaulaAndrea).

I'm a New Media and Design major and I'm excited to take this class. I've been interested in coding for a while now, I've dabbled with it in the past but nothing too serious. I hope to learn and gain more experience with HTML!
Nayeli Campos-Franco - Hey! My name is Nayeli Campos-Franco. I am 20 years old from Durham, North Carolina. I am a photography major.
Cheyenne Tuck - I am Cheyenne. I am a senior and an Art History major. I am not very tech savvy so I hope to learn a lot from this course. Lately I have really been into Mac n Cheese.
Brendan Bostwick - Hey, my name is Brendan Bostwick. I'm on my way towards a BFA in New Media and Design. I've been told I'm a junior, but I can never figure out where I'm at in my academic career -- I'm just rolling until someone gives me a degree. I've dabled in HTML before, so I'm ready to get back into it.
Cierra Broady - My bame is coerra, born and raised in Roanoke Rapids! I am in my third year at UNCG, New Media and Design student! I hope to work with a company like Pixar or Disney! I look forward to learning more about this class.
Anthony Carter - Hi, My name is Anthony, I was born and raised in Charlotte NC. I'm a senior and like to play video games and sleep. I also really enjoy apple juice and sprite.
Kaiya Bitner - Hey, it's Kaiya.

I am a New Media and Design major. I enjoy long scrolls through Instagram and Twitter, and watching youtube way past my bedtime. I love puppies and kittens equally. I also listen to a plethora of music. I hope to learn a lot in this course and utilize it for my future endeavors. Looking forward to this winter course.
Hannah McCarthy - Hi I'm Hannah and I'm a junior at UNCG. I'm in the new media and design concentration and I look forward to this class.
Elizabeth Marett - Hi! My name is Elizabeth (Ellie) Marett. I'm a late starter to this class because I've been traveling! Gotta step it up now though since I'm beginning behind. I'm a math major and need to complete a handful of classes this summer to finish my degree. I love artistic things and technical things so this class is hopefully a beautiful mix of the two.
Bria Jonassaint - I am late with posting this but, hi my name is Bria. I am a Photography major at UNCG and I will officially be done with my undergrad degree in August. I am looking forward to learning about HTML coding in this class.
Rachel Alexandra - I am late as the dickens but hi, my name is Rachel Alexandra! I am a senior in New Media & Design. I will hopefully be graduating in December. I didn't know that this class was going to be teaching HTML (coding scares me but hoping this goes well).
Rebecca Bischoff - Hello there! My name is Rebecca but I like to be called Becca. I am a New Media and Design major with a minor in communication studies. I am currently holding a position as a Graphic Artist for UNCG's Rec Well. I also was just accepted for an internship freelancing for a company. I hope to gain enough experience with this class to possibly create my own portfolio website.
Callie O'Buckley - Hello, my name is Callie O'Buckley. I am a senior Arts Administration major with a music minor. I work as a student ambassador for the College of Visual and Performing Arts and I work as the marketing associate for the Greensboro Symphony. I play flute and am very active in Sigma Alpha Iota, an all women's music fraternity, as well as with the Girl Scouts as a volunteer.
David Spaulding - I am a senior with a concentration in New Media and Design. I'm a free-lance digital artist.
Logan Compton - Hey everyone! My name is Logan Compton and I’m a junior. This is my first summer semester at UNCG. I’m majoring in studio art with a concentration in New Media and Design. I took a web design class in high school and had a blast so I’m excited to see how a fast paced class like this goes.
Rylee - Hello, I'm Rylee. I'm from Asheville but I came to UNCG to get a degree in new media and design. I look forward to learning web design because I think it will be useful to use in tandem with my degree and plans for the future.
Leo Martin - My name is Leo Martin. I'm an art Education major with my concentration in design.
Paul Papazis - I am from Charlotte and work as the Marketing Manager at the Department of Recreation and Wellness at UNCG and recently went satellite in my position since I just moved to Orlando. I have done work in the field of graphic design, video, and photography and plan to eventually go into a Masters in Marketing. I hope to learn more about web design in this course since I have yet to learn the subject and hope that the experience I gain here will aid in my professional development.
Ernesto Dennison - Hello Lee, I am a senior PhotographyMajor looking to learn website basics and rebuild my current professional website. I am currently working full time in my field using though I would like to learn actual design skills instead of relying completely on pre designed templates.
Peter J Brown - Hello,
My name is Peter Brown a Senior Photography student from Montgomery, Alabama
Conner Esposito - Hi, my name is Conner and I will begin my junior year this fall! My concentration is New Media and Design. I’m into drawing, photography, and cars.
Theresa Newell - Hi, I'm Theresa
I'm a senior here at UNCG. I was born and raised in Michigan. I love everything ART. Last weekend I painted my first watercolor painting. I'm self-teaching myself through youtube videos. I keep looking at my painting. I keep critiquing myself too harshly but I know my best friend Leyla will love it.
Toua Yang - Hello Lee, and hello everyone, my name is Toua Yang. I am a senior in the BFA program and concentrating in Graphic Design. I was also born in California but moved here to NC in 1999 and been here since.
Phuong Huynh - Hello! My name is Phuong and I'm a senior at UNCG. My major is New Media and Design. I love working with color and music. I love designing books' cover and magazines' layout. I'm excited to learn about web design in this class.
TAYLOR BAKER - Hello! I'm Taylor and this is going to be my second year at UNCG. I'm excited for this course and learning about HTML!
MaryGrace Beard - Hi! I'm MaryGrace and I am a New Media & Design BFA who spends my free-time with my beagle, drawing, or playing video games.
Laura E Lazarini - Hello! My name is Laura and I am a second year student at UNCG. I am majoring in New Media and Design. I love everything that has to do with art and am super excited to start this course!
Joselyn Leiva Morales - Hi! My name is Joselyn Leiva Morales. I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in New Media and Design. I'm deeply interested in learning web design for a while now, hopefully this course can offer me new doors to learn the basics of web design :D
Gaby Mena Pacheco - Hi! I'm Gaby. I'm a senior in the New Media and Design program. I was born in Yucatan, Mexico and my family has been living in the Winston-Salem area for the last 10 years. I'm pretty excited for this class as I haven't used HTML since the death of My Space and I really need to make a website for my work before I graduate in December.
Jasmine Murrell - Hi! My name is Jasmine Murrell and I am a senior here at UNCG. My major is media studies. I’ve produced a couple of short films. Currently, I’m working on a documentary about local clothing lines.
Zakara spencer - Sorry kind of late but I'm zak a photo major and nap taker
Alana Drummond - Alana Drummond: I've been having complications, so sorry I'm a little late! I'm a rising senior in the BFA program for new media and design. It's nice to meet all of you!
Taylor Richardson - Sorry a little late on the responding. I am not good with this computer stuff so I had to figure this out. I'm a senior in the BFA program in sculpture and ceramics. I grew up in hanging rock which is where I live currently and I love it. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and design some awesome things in this class.
Logan Hamilton - Hello, a bit late, but I am Logan, a fellow maker and lover of the outdoors.
Taylor Thompson- fomby - Hey, I'll simply introduce myself as a current student, creater/artist, mother, and all around joyous person.
Ryan Macon - Hi, I'm a senior here at UNCG. I enjoy art, music, and photography. In my spare time I enjoy cooking and watching a whole season of a show I find on netflix.
Asia Mohan - Hi! My name is Asia Mohan! I'm a rising junior at UNCG and I will by applying to the BFA in New Media & Design this fall. I love drawing, baking, and playing videogames!
Johnny Nguyen - My name is Johnny Nguyen, I'm a rising Junior at UNCG. I'm a New Media & Design major and I'm from Greensboro. I want to do animation in the future, making cartoons and making people smile!
Maryam Alamoudi - Hello, my name is Maryam and I'm a junior New Media and Design student at UNCG, I'm from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which is where I'm spending my summer, anddd I love all things design.
Clay Yarborough - Hello all! My name is Clay and I am a senior here at UNCG majoring in New Media and Design and minoring in Art History. I also love drawing, photography and painting . I really like making homemade pizza and I watch a lot of movies. My favorite artist is Henri Matisse! I am excited to learn web design and I hope to be able to apply it in my future career! Hit me up if you want some good movie suggestions.
Ijah BLAKE - Ijah BLAKE- My name is Ijah I prefer Blake. I was born & raised in Queens, NY. Im a photo major at UNCG. My favorite color is green & Im allergic to chocolate.
Mariah Kendrick - Hey! My name is Mariah! I am from Gastonia, NC. I am a rising senior at UNCG. I am an Art Major with hopes of getting into the New Media & Design Program. I am left-handed, and I love designing and creating things!
Haley Cooke - Hi,

My name is Haley Cooke. I am a super senior here at UNCG. I am hoping to pursue a career in photography. I love to paint and I am teaching myself calligraphy, so I am hoping to use those to my advantage in the future somehow. I highly recommend watching watercolor videos, its very therapeutic!

Haley Cooke
Hallie Tyner - Hi, my name is Hallie! I am currently an Art Education major at UNCG. I work at Tate St Coffee House and teach yoga at the UNCG Rec & Wellness Center. In my free time I like to work with ceramics and study West African percussion and dance. I look forward to this class so I can expand my graphic design skills, create a website for myself, and touch up on my HTML skills that I haven't used since Myspace.
Haley Brock - I was born and raised in NC. I went to Savannah college of art and design and fell in love with Savannah, Georgia, but personal things brought me back home. I have a passion for art and specifically graphic design. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with it, but I'm excited about learned about web design! I have taken a similar class before and I was no good. So hopefully this is better for me!
Haley Cooke - Hi,
My name is Haley Cooke. I am a super senior here at UNCG. I am hoping to pursue a career in Photography. I love to paint and I am teaching myself calligraphy, so I hope to use that to my advantage in the future somehow. I highly recommend watching watercolor videos, it's very therapeutic.

Cassidy Blalock - Hello! My name is Cassidy. I am from Durham, NC. I am a senior here at UNCG, and I am majoring in Business Administration and minoring in New Media and Design. An exciting thing I get to do this summer is go to Canada!
Aysha Belem - Hey, My name is Aysha. Pronounced (I-Sha) and I am a transfer student. I'm trying to be in the BFA Art program for New Media and Design. I'm from Charlotte, NC and I really love animation and most of what comes with it.
Alexis Moore - Hello, my name is Alexis! I am from a small town near the coast call Columbia, NC. I am a junior at UNCG studying to be a New Media and Desgin major. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and I also love drinking coffee.
Adam Wyeth Strickland - Hello! My name is Wyeth and I'm a senior New Media and Design major from Mooresville NC. I'm named after my mother's favorite artist, Andrew Wyeth. Several members of my family practice some form of art, my mother draws and paints numerous things from children's books to large murals, her sister with photography, and my grandfather with landscape painting. I'd like to describe my art style as "Happy Accidents."
Haley McKnight - Hi! I'm Haley and I'm a senior BFA sculptor. I'm from Winston Salem but I'm moving to Butte, Montana (pronounced "byoot") in two months! I began learning HTML when I was 9 so I could embed my MS Paint doodles on my Neopets page.
Desiree Peddycord - Hey, Everyone. I'm Desiree, I'm a Senior here at UNCG. I studied painting at SCAD for two years and transferred to UNCG. My husband is from Asheboro and we're happy to call High Point our current home. I am interested in many aspects of art and look forward to adding Web Design to my knowledge base.
Erin Humphreys - Hey there! My name is Erin and i'm a junior, Studio Arts major from Charlotte, NC. My two favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix are probably Friends or Scandal. I've downloaded Brackets.
Mary Ellen Chandler - Hello, I'm Mary Ellen! I am 21 and the second youngest of seven children. I love the outdoors. I love to draw, read, and eat dark chocolate (preferably 60% cacao). Happy Holidays to all!
Daniel Marquez - Hello, my name is Daniel. Born in Cuba but I've called Raleigh my home for the past 13 years. I'm a Junior here at UNCG studying photography. I recently watched Black Mirror on Netflix, 10/10 definitely recommend it.