One Shot a Day
March 26—August 15, 2003

(San Francisco, California)

On March 20th, Lee Walton began a round of golf at Lincoln Park Golf Course.

Taking only one shot a day, he finished the round over 5 months later.

Each day, the latest shot along with a brief commentary was posted on the web for the "cybergallery" to view.

The amount of pressure with each shot mounted as more cyber fans began to follow the round.

By the 15th hole, hundreds of people from all over the world were following Lee's round of golf.

Feeling his joy and frustration, many fans e-mailed words of encouragement and support along with golf tips and related anecdotes.

LW: "The amount of pressure that weighed on each shot was unbearable. Sinking the final putt on hole #18 was the single most incredible accomplishment of my entire life."