When I Get There
January 16—February 15, 2007

(An Invitational Exhibition by the Students of the Digital Technology and Cultural Club of Washington State University, Tri-Cities)


LW (January 14, 2007): "Previous to my arrival, the students of the DTCC collaboratively selected an object for me.

I had absolutely no idea what object they selected.

On Monday afternoon, January 15th, I arrived at the exhibition space and saw the object for the very first time.

In reaction to this object, I created all of the work for the entire exhibition. The exhibition opened the following day.


To his surprise, Walton was given 279 yards of multicolor yarn.

Walton had only 24 hours to create, execute and install all of the work for the exhibition.

Thankfully, he also had the collaborative assistance and support of the Digital Technology and Culture Club, Professor Douglas Gast and WSU.


35 lbs
Standing: Exactly 279 Yards from the Center of the Gallery. (9 photos)
35 lbs
Video of various objects being manipulated with the yarn. 6:00 min.
Over Under