21 June 2016
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There are 162 baseball games played in a regular Major League Baseball season.

The project consists of 162 unique systems.

The game number (1-162) will determine the system (1-162) to be used. For example, when creating a drawing for game number 85, system number 85 will be used.

Each system is designed to create one drawing for the corresponding game.

According to the system, the specific events that transpire during a baseball game (pitches, ground outs, strike outs, hit batters, etc.) will determine the drawing activity.

Each drawing will be created pitch by pitch. When the baseball game is over the drawing is complete.


Each system has been designed to create one 11” x 14” charcoal drawing.


(See ending notes for more specific material regulations.)
1. Charcoal
2. Eraser
3. Sharpening tool
4. 11’ x 14’ sheet of virgin drawing paper.The systems do not support the use of any other material or tools in the production of the drawings, such as measuring devices, straight edges, compasses, stop watches, cookware, cell phones, etc…
However, the systems are known to integrate the body (of the participant) to create measuring devices, timing devices and other miscellaneous tools.

Example A – the most common measurements used to designate length and thickness is the pinky . However, other body parts and forms of measurements will appear.

Example B – Measurements of time are often designated by the participant’s natural breathing. It is declared that one inhale and one exhale constitute one unit of “breathe” or “time”.


The paper is to be approached vertically. It should be taller than it is wide.

A system will often refer to or designate a rectangle as a game box.

Any rectangle can be designated as a game box.

A game box is a conceptual format that correlates a rectangle to the baseball playing field. This is most commonly used to determine the location of a mark in accordance to a batted ball or a players fielding position.


Pressure variable (PRV) refers to the amount of pressure applied to the charcoal pencil when creating a mark.
Pressure is measured on a scale of 1 – 10.

1 equals the least amount of pressure possible

10 equals the most amount of pressure the charcoal pencil can tolerate.

5 equals somewhere in between the least amount of pressure possible and the most amount of pressure the charcoal pencil can tolerate.

3 and 7 are difficult to describe.Specific


Hard charcoal pencils are used. Charcoal not in traditional pencil form are prohibited.

Any eraser that erases adequately without discoloring or tearing or the paper can be used.

Sharpening tool
A sharpening tool, such as a razor blade, is used to sharpen the charcoal pencils and create clean edges of the eraser. All material should be maintained throughout the entire baseball game to insure consistency.

11’ x 14’ sheet of virgin drawing paper
White, off white or light cream are the only paper colors to be used. The paper should be exactly 11” x 14” without exception. The paper should be smooth and made of high quality.

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