06 February 2017
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World Series Game One was an installation event in the main space of the gallery.


For this live event, I created a game-based system for the physical construction of a wall installation built in time with the play-by-play events of Game 1 of the 2013 MLB World Series. This installation used only material sourced from Home Depot and intentionally resembled my baseball drawings.

The live performance of the wall installation took place on Oct 23rd, 2013. An audience attended the game’s radio broadcast as 4 gallery installers and I constructed, and thus performed, the piece. Audience members ate hot dogs and drank beer, and during commercials, a live organist played classic baseball tunes to recreate the feeling of a ballpark.

The installers and I fastened materials representing game activities (such as a base hit, home run, stolen base) to a wooden grid that represented all 18 players in the game. The Home Depot materials ranged from different colored bungee cords, locks, LED lights, small cacti, safety reflectors, and more.

The use of Home Depot products, rather than art supplies, was both an aesthetic and practical choice. Visually, I found the materials had a sensibility consistent with the everyday vernacular of domestic and public spaces.

Additionally, there was a house fan written into the system. The final score of the game determined the placement of the fan. As the fan oscillated, the breeze provided subtle movement to the elements of the wall installation. I felt it was important that the game had at least 1 fan.


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