The Sinquefield Cup: Chess Drawings
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26 May 2016
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These ten drawings record Fabiano Caruana's crushing victory of the 2014 Sinquefield Cup. The tournament, held in St. Louis, brings together the 10 strongest grandmasters in the world to battle it out.

For this series of drawings, I created a unique system in which movement and situation of the chess pieces on the board would determine the direction and placement of each line.
Each game, both players systems result in a drawings that overlaps one another.
Fabiano Caruana's system is played against each player.
The drawings are event spaces seen from each opposing players perspective. There is no designated top of bottom to the drawings.
The gestural marks on the side of the game board is simply a record of me preparing the ink or wash prior to the drawing action. These marks are part of the drawing event - similar to the way chess pieces are casually removed from the board when captured.

These drawings will featured in the exhibition "2015 LOCKER ROOM CULTURE (Strategy, Play and Commentary in Sports and Art)". Curated by Glenn LaVertu - Grimshaw–Gudewicz Gallery, Bristol Community College, Fall River Massachusetts


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