Lunch Break
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02 January 2020
By Lee Walton
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Research Methods in Social Practice: VPA428/528


This course consisted of five students


Vincent Olko

Mary Martinez

Megan Gottfried

Yu Wen

Topher Alexander (MFA)


Art Collectives As Research Topic

Together, we focused on the history, practice, and strategies of Art Collectives. Art Collectives are a group of artists self-organized and working together towards shared aims. This shared group approach to a creative practice is different than the individual “do it alone” structure created by most educational frameworks. Students were immediately curious about thinking about art as a group endeavor and socially engaged practice.

Lunch Break: The Collective


After researching contemporary and historically significant Art Collectives, the five students became a collective themselves. First, they needed to find a shared aim and something highly valued by all of them. In their case, self-care, community and connection became key values. They identified these as three important values not being supported by the scheduling of School.


The students created Lunch Break, a collective that provides free lunch for students and faculty once a week during class time. Emphasizing the importance of taking a lunch break as a form or resistance, restoration, and self-care. Importantly, the Lunch Breaks happened during class time to emphasize the act of “taking a lunch break within institutional frameworks that do not allow it.”

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