New York Arts Practicum
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26 June 2016
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Since 2012, I have worked directly with Michael Mandiberg, Founder and Director the New York Arts Practicum, to create a partnership with the Art Department of UNCG. This partnership provides unique opportunities for students and involves instituting an annual scholarship, mentoring students with the competitive application process and helping the NYAP make successful matches.

UNCG students whom have attended the NYAP:

  • Matt Brinkly
  • Sharon Romang
  • Nadia Stevens
  • Camillo Vergara
  • Deigo Vergara
  • Quinn Hunter
  • Ivan Gilbert
  • Nathan Terry



The New York Arts Practicum is a summer arts institute where participants experientially learn to bridge their lives as art students into lives as artists in the world. The program is structured around apprenticeships with mentor artists, a critique seminar where participants produce work without access to their institutional facilities, and site visits to artist workspaces, galleries, and museums. The intensive eight-week program offers participants a structured environment to experience the challenges of life as an artist and demystifies the many ways one can be an artist today.

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