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08 May 2016
By Lee Walton
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Ambulatory Gambit (2001) was a public art performance project that I created with Jeannene Przyblyski and her students of the SF Files Master Class.

Over 60 neighbors, artists and urban planning professionals participated in this project, an exploratory game combining scripted and chance elements that focused attention on the relation of the Conservatory to the surrounding neighborhood.

Sunnyside Conservatory—a neighborhood park and city landmark that is the centerpiece of a major community-based restoration and design plan in the Sunnyside/Glen Park district of San Francisco.

Ambulatory Gambit was co-sponsored by Pond: a place for art, activism and ideas, by the Friends of the Sunnyside Conservatory, by SF Parks and Recreation and Friends of Parks and Recreation, by the Neighborhood Parks Council, and by the Glen Park bookstore Bird & Beckett.

Soon, I will make the Ambulatory Gambit System available for download.




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