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25 May 2009
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Birthday Videos: For Friends I Don't Really Know is an on-going series of intimate videos wishes for people I don't really know. Personal information is culled from the recipients social media feeds and used to create the feeling that we are close friends. These videos are delivered to recipients on the day of their birthday.

These most recents Birthday Videos were created for the exhibition #awkward at Plug Projects. Special thanks to artist Jordyn Summers for her help.

Since 2002, I have been making these videos as a way to playfully examine the potential of one-to-one web-based experiences as opposed to the broadcasted one-to-many model. These videos also question privacy and how social media is changing the way we define and understand our relationships to one another.





Happy Birthday Scot

Happy Birthay Cara

Happy Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday Bill

Happy Birthday Laura

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