City Golf Drift
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25 September 2016
By Lee Walton
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The 18-hour Drift starts on Oct 21st, 8am at Bryant Park.



The object of this game is to create a series of 18 spatial boundaries in NYC for us to explore one hour at time. The ultimate direction of where this game takes us is inpredictable.




Previous to this day, I will play a round of golf at Blaire Park Golf Course, High Point, NC 

My score for each hole + the handicap of that same hole will determine route in which to walk and spend time.

18 holes from Blaire Park golf course have been cut out. These shapes will determined our path through the city.


  • Par 5 = 1 mile.
  • Par 4 = 3/4 mile.
  • Par 3s = 1/2 mile.


The direction of the hole is determined by the number I score on that my that hole + the handicap of that hole.


Holes spin clockwise in the way a clock does (1-12) then repeat until the number is reached. This strategy is really simple, yet unpredictable. I have no idea where we will go or end up.


Holes are traced out on the map and become the boundary and destination of each hour drift. If a hole runs over the edge of Manhattan, it will get folded over and this will create a new shape, or boundary.


There are no rules for what we do within the boundaries. However, we must arrive at the end of the hole at the end of each hour. We can eat, nap, browse shops, check out shows, whatever... however we must .  18 holes, 18 hours.


 Very simple drift. 


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