Pruning Dis-ease
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17 September 2019
By Lee Walton
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“Pruning Dis-ease” a metaphorical journey on race and ecology masquerading as a horticulture workshop on tree pruning

Script Written By Nikki Silvestri

Concept: Lee Walton


Pruning Dis-ease is a theatrical work that looks and feels exactly like a real workshop on horticulture.

The script written by Nikki Silvestri, CEO and Founder of Soil and Shadow, a project development firm designing economic and environmental strategies for social equity in support of underrepresented populations in food systems, public health, climate solutions, and more.

This script was written and designed to be performed by anyone for anyone. It can also read as a group to facilitate conversation about strategies for social justice through the metaphors of building healthy ecosystems and the role / responsibility we play as stewards of our future.

Originally, this work was conceived as a way to examine the renaming, removal, and erasure of confederate monuments and naming of public spaces in the South as a necessary action for a healthier more just future for all.


SCRIPT AVAILABLE SHORTLY or email for the pdf


The first performance took place on Sunday September 15th at Deep Roots Co-Op, Greensboro NC.






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