The Things Challenge at HCA
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10 April 2016
By Lee Walton
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The Project Space (2001)

(Marin, California) Headlands Center for the Arts

Located at the Headlands Center for the Arts, the Project Space is a large 1800 square-foot studio space that is open to the public five days a week.

Selected artists are invited to create artwork in the Project Space. This public space gives visitors the opportunity to interact with artists and witness the art-making process.

During the weeks of his residency in the Project Space, Lee Walton accepted one "thing" from every person who wished to participate. Each "thing" given to Walton was then used in the following ways:


1. In response to each "thing" create a set of instructions.

2. Perform the instructions.


LW: “For me, the goal of the Project Space residency was to change the way I thought about making and doing art. By accepting "things" from people and forcing myself to use them, I was confronted with many different challenges.

After collecting over 30 "things" and resolving each challenge within a four-week time period, I had felt like I had just completed art boot camp. I was exhausted, battered and definitely a changed man.”


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