Trailer For A Day (In The Future)
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07 January 2016
By Lee Walton
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Trailer for a Day (In the Future)

For this project, I collaborated with Proper Medium, a film company in Atlanta Georgia.  We made a trailer for the actual experiences Chloe would have in the future. The film was make public weeks prior to the actual day.  Chloe was both the actor and eventual performer. This work amplifies intimate, everyday occurrences into celebrated events, and in doing so, blurs the lines between real-life and theater.

On March 23, 2011, these things happened.The public was invited to join Chloe and be part of the experience. Project sponsored by Flux Project, ATL.

11:14am    Chloe washes dishes at her apartment in Kirkwood
12:27pm    Chloe gasses her car at the BP station in Kirkwood
12:45pm    Chloe parks where Candler St NE ends at Freedom Park and walks west through the park.
12:50pm    Chloe sits in the grass just east of the highest point in the park and reads the paper
1:05pm      Chloe receives a phone call and has a brief conversation
1:45pm      Chloe does her laundry at the coin laundry on North Highland Ave
3:36pm      Chloe waits for a friend at the corner of Edgewood Ave and Boulevard
4:40pm      Chloe walks down Rogers St and stops to observe Pullman Yard
5:15pm      Chloe drinks tea on the porch outside of her apartment in Kirkwood
8:25pm      Chloe has drinks w/ friends at Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points
10:47pm    Chloe watches a musical performance at the tennis courts in Candler Park



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